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Friday, October 15, 2010

Party Popcorn Bar

I started off the week with food, and am going to end it with food!

I love the idea of fun, self-serve stations that allow guests to customize their treats. We know cupcake decorating is fun, and even a s'mores bar makes a great dessert station at parties... but how about a popcorn bar?! Popcorn is a great treat for kids and adults, a little healthier--and what better way to lure guests to the dessert table than the smell of fresh popped popcorn?!

I'm loving this idea from Think Garnish. Guests can choose from toppings like seasoned salts or cajun spices. I personally love a sweet and salty mix, so would love to add something like caramel or cinnamon onto my popcorn. The more options you add, the more fun for your guests! And popcorn is pretty inexpensive, which is a big plus! The kraft ripple cups and wooden serving boats shown in the photo can be purchased from Garnish's online shop here. See the rest of this original post on Think Garnish here.

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