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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gray, Cream and Green Inspiration Board

Pam Smerker of Party Starters is hosting a "Create My Party" contest to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Smart girl, heh! It's a clever way to tap into creative minds for some great ideas for her own birthday party! Not that she needs them, mind you! If you don't know Pam, she is a paper crafting wizard! She recently did these great Halloween treat favor bags that you can see here that were one of my favorite items this season. And she also designed these super adorable mini cupcake boxes you can see here. I can't wait for the opportunity to use those! Plus, she offers great party inspiration and ideas at her blog, Party Starters that you can visit here.

More importantly, I was excited with the thought of helping Pam with her party because she was so super nice to me as I was immersing myself into this whole blog world! Y'see, I kind of hunted her down! Really! I was in a desperate search to find a party planning gal in my area that I actually contacted a couple of people before I got to her. And when I asked her my questions, she was SO kind to respond and respond thoughtfully! (Let me tell you, I e-mailed a few people that never answered!) It was greatly appreciated! And besides the contest prizes are pretty awesome! HA!

SO, her challenge is this: Inspiration for her birthday party that must include:
  • A DIY cupcake decorating buffet
  • A fun bar with cocktails
  • Gray, cream and leafy green (include damask) color scheme. The color scheme was inspired by this Gap sweater at right (yes, you can find inspiration from anything!)

I haven't done too many of these, but wanted to give it a try. This is what I came up with. My notes and reasons for choosing these images are all below.

First off, I wanted the look to be special, but not super formal. (We're not super formal here in Colorado) Plus, the sweater has a casual sensibility to it so that's where I was going.

Starting from the top: Since Pam is a maven with paper, I thought it would be a nice personal touch to create custom favor boxes in a damask pattern. Or she can even use the damask pattern as the lid to her mini-cupcake boxes.
I fell in love with this table setting. It's so pretty and the criss-cross ribbon accent on the tablecloth adds just the right touch of comfort I was looking for. The pops of green come with the flowers, plates and napkins.
You see that large cocktail glass?? Pam's mother sent her that! Hysterical, right?! Instead of trying to come up with ways to decorate it, I say the birthday girl just uses that as her personal party glass! And so she'll need a big canister of apple-tinis to help keep up with that glass! Seriously though (although I am half serious!) using a large beverage decanter with a colored cocktail actually helps bring in your accent color to your decor, while also being functional.

I thought a great way to bring in the texture and "warmth" of the sweater is to use these knitted flower headbands around the vase centerpieces. She may even want to put one in her hair!
I was so psyched when I found this image for the DIY Cupcake Bar because it is exactly what I was envisioning--using a chalkboard is a great way to utilize the color gray and keep a casual element in the decor.
Below that is a cream color scheme for the buffet table. Using a burlap tablecloth and/or backdrop helps to bring in organic textures inspired by the sweater and lets the food "pop" on the table.
If Pam doesn't have time to make custom favor boxes, I thought these cute plants would make perfect favors for guests, and are reflective of the season.
Finally, Pam added a note that she likes the way sheet music looks, so why not create a pretty wreath to welcome guests. Totally says "here's the party"!

Happy birthday Pam! I'm sure whatever design scheme you choose it'll be a great party! Cheers!

Photo sources:
Damask favor bags here; Criss-cross tablescape here; Apple martini jar here;
Flower headband here; Dessert table here; DIY cupcake bar here; Sheet music wreath here; Plant favors here;


  1. great board for Pam! (she's just lovely, isn't she?!?) I am sure this made her day!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!/Party Frosting!
    party inspiration

  2. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work on this design. I love all of the thought you put into each element! LOVE IT!!


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