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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get Ready for Harry Potter!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 is scheduled to be released next month, November 19th. No doubt this will resurrect the Harry Potter frenzy! If you plan on having a party to celebrate the movie release, or know that a Harry Potter-themed party is in your near future, this is the time to shop for it, by taking advantage of all the Halloween merchandise that's out now and especially Halloween clearance after the holiday. Or after seeing some of these ideas, you may even want to give your Halloween party a Harry Potter spin! So, whatever the occasion, here are some ideas to add a bit of magic to your party! (Click on photos to enlarge.)

1st Column:
Don't have a real owl to fly invitations to guests? Then add an owl illustration to your envelopes to greet invitees at their mailboxes. You may even want to hand deliver invitations with a small owl. Photo source here.
Set the stage as soon as guests arrive! Emulate the 9 3/4 Platform by covering your front door with a brick "scene setter" (you can find one here) and create a "Hogwart's Express 9 3/4" platform sign like this mom did here.

Represent "Honeyduke's Candy Shoppe" with a colorful candy buffet. Use licorice magic wands and these wizard cupcakes (how-to here) along with other fun confections to fill it. (Candy buffet photo source here.)
Your party food can only be accompanied by some "Butterbeer." Just add butterscotch syrup to cream soda to make your own. Design your own Butterbeer labels to add to liter bottles to keep with the theme, as this mom did here.

A Harry Potter party isn't complete without a "Magic Potions Lab." Save small bottles and jars for your Potions Lab. Give kids a "Charms and Spells Book" as one of their party favors, as this mom did here. You can find "potion" or science experiments online. Do at least one at the party. One idea uses baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Let the kids mix their own colors with food coloring and vinegar. The magic comes when they add the baking soda to create a foaming response!
 Don't forget to cover your surface and have each child wear an over sized shirt for a smock. OR fill the bottles and jars with edible ingredients, but give them spooky names and let the kids just come up with their own wild concoctions!

Last Column:
The kids will love to participate in their own game of Quidditch! See how this couple built their own Quidditch course here. Let the "Sorting Hat" come up with the teams before starting. Quidditch hats can be purchased from Amazon.com here.

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