Home Confetti: A Blog Award for ME??!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Blog Award for ME??!!

What a great way to end the week!! Yesterday I opened my e-mail to discover that "The Real Housewife of Nowhere" selected Home Confetti for a "Versatile Blogger Award"! To me there is no greater honor than being recognized by one of your peers! Besides being my first recognition of any kind, this one means a lot because I really do try to make Home Confetti's content as diverse as possible. I try to feature tutorials, party theme ideas, crafts, recipes–and whatever else will add some fun (confetti!) to your home life. I am so grateful!

So, according to the "rules" I need to follow through on a few things:
  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you (check!)
  • List seven random things about yourself (see below)
  • Pass this on to at least 5 blogs that you have recently found and think are fabulous (see way below)
  • Contact said bloggers and let them know they have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. (will do!)
Here are 7 random things about me:

1. I am addicted to Bravo's reality shows. I want Andy Cohen's job so I can interview all the insane cast members
2. My actual "day job" is working as a freelance marketing manager for Hearst Magazines
3. I am the oldest of three and definitely own the personality traits of being the oldest one (responsible, protective, organized, goal-oriented)
4. I am adamant about not being like my mother by using the good china and not saving it for just special occasions
5. I prefer white wine to red
6. I was in a bad ski accident years ago that shattered my tibia plateau. People still ask me about my scar.
7. My favorite color is purple

The five blogs I am passing this award onto; the ones that I feel showcase the "versatility" factor are:


  1. Love it...I want to be Andy Cohen too!!!

    Glad you like the car kits, that would be great if you included them in a post!

  2. Thanks for the award! You've made a great list, I'm off to check them out!

  3. Thank you SO much! I have been so busy and just got to see this! Thanks again!


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