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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Girl AND Boy Garden Party

As a mother of twins, I meet a lot of other twin moms. They always seem to bring up the common birthday conundrum that twin moms share: "Do I do separate birthday parties because it's so hard for the twins to decide on a theme they both like?" or "are they willing to share the party spotlight?" etc. But this dilemma is even greater when it is a set of boy/girl twins. The different interests can be a challenge. When the kids are still young, you can certainly do a great party that boys and girls will totally enjoy. Look at this amazing and charming "garden frog butterfly party" that mom from Bird Crafts did for her boy and girl. Her children aren't twins but they were born on the SAME day, two years apart! So, she certainly finds herself in the same predicament!

For the party she created a beautiful tablescape with an overall garden theme, but gave each child their own special place–one side for the butterfly, the other the frog. Because she used the same patterns, she was able to achieve a very cohesive look.

The details are amazing. I LOVE the leaf pedals she added to the pudding cups and the frog cupcakes are almost too cute to eat!

Her mission to create a harmonious, yet stylish party for her boy and girl was certainly a success! And judging by the rest of the photos, her children certainly had a good time, too!
To see the rest of the party, visit Bird Crafts here.

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  1. How cute! I am totally loving this idea! My husband and his brother were born on the same day, but three years apart. I don't think his family ever went this far, but it's a big deal to them to be together on their birthday! Heading over to Bird Crafts now for more details...thanks for sharing!


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