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Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Tree Craft

With my head so filled with Halloween over the weekend, I want to take a break and jump ahead to Thanksgiving--after all, it is less than a month away!

Since we don't live near family, each year I try to find something that we can make to send to the grandparents. Searching online, I came across this great "Family Tree" craft that I love. Put it in a pretty frame, I think it would be perfect for any holiday! If I decide to do this, I'll probably have to start collecting photos soon. What's convenient too, is, if any new grandchildren come along (oh, no WE'RE done! Referring to my sister in the future!) you can easily replace one of the circles for a new photo.

For the complete tutorial, visit Embellishing Life here.


  1. That's GREAT!!! I am always looking for homemade gift ideas. Thanks, I think you just provided my grandma's Christmas present :).

  2. That is so cute! It would be interesting to see how we could put that together with my husband's huge family...it would take up a whole wall!


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