Home Confetti: Going DOUGH-NUTS!

Monday, October 11, 2010


First it was cake, then cupcakes, then cupcakes and candy on skewers... now it seems like doughnuts are taking over! In many party showcases over the last few months I've been spotting doughnuts on dessert buffets and used in other delicious ways! With the variety of flavors and forms, there is so much you can do with them. Here are just some of the ingenious ways doughnuts are making their way to the head of the (dessert) table!

From cute to elegant. I would love to have either one of these waiting for me at the breakfast table in the morning! How ridiculously adorable are those snowmen from Better Homes & Gardens?! A great presentation for a holiday brunch. (Click here for more info.) The coffee and mini doughnuts at right, from Martha Stewart Weddings, would be a nice treat to greet a house guest in the morning. (Click here for complete recipe.)

Kids will gobble up these doughnut hole kabobs in no time! Use the same doughnut or mix them up a bit with plain, chocolate, powdered and sprinkled versions. (Photo from Project Wedding) And I love the idea of adding strawberries and drizzled chocolate for a really indulgent dessert! No one will miss cake! (Photo source here.)

Couples are using doughnuts as a unique twist (and less expensive alternative) to the traditional wedding cake, without losing the beautiful presentation. Displayed with flowers, a tray of doughnuts can really make a statement on a dessert table. (Left photo found here; Right photo found here.)

And finally, doughnuts are also being used as party favors. These two just happen to be wedding favors, both given to guests as a midnight snack. The left one is sealed with a label, "Sweet Dreams" found here. The right one is packaged with adorable milk bottles, found on hostessblog.com here.

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  1. I love the doughnut trend! I've had an idea for doughnuts that I think would be fun, but I haven't had an occasion to make them yet. I especially like the snowman milk jugs with the powdered doughnut hole on top...too cute!


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