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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bevy of Balloon Ideas!

With the rise in custom party goods, props and other DIY craftiness, it seemed that good ol' balloons were taking a backseat. But, I am so happy to see new, incredibly creative ways people are finding to use balloons in their parties! Here are just a few recent examples of inventive ways to use balloons that go beyond just using hot air!

This one from Little Lovely may be my favorite. This was done for a first birthday party, but can also be done for a travel themed, bon voyage party--or what about Wizard of Oz--putting Dorothy somewhere at the bottom of the hot air balloon?! Unfortunately there isn't a tutorial, but you can probably study the photo and figure out a way to do it using scrapbook paper, ribbon and glue dots. Original post here.

Love the theme for this baby shower–"She's About to POP"! A balloon wreath welcomed guests, along with a cute sign, "Pop On In!"

To see all the photos from this shower, featured on Catch My Party, click here.

Balloons provide flower power here from Martha Stewart. What a fun way to bring lots of color into a room or to an outdoor garden party. Click here for the full tutorial.

How adorable is this oversized ice cream balloon cone?! I love the added sprinkles on top! Nice touch! Perfect for an ice cream themed party or play date. The Craft in Me gives a full tutorial here.

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