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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I'll be helping out at Renee and Siena's classroom Halloween parties this morning.  Renee is going to be a Lalaloopsy and Siena is going to be a vampire.  (They're so different!)

Didn't they do a great job on their pumpkins??

Have fun and be safe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Camping Themed Launch Party

Do you follow Tori Spelling's blog ediTORIal?  I have to say, I am enjoying her more as a party planner than as an actress in her 90201 days.  Tori recently held a camping themed party for the launch of her chic baby and kids clothing line for JCPenney, called Little Maven.  If a camping party is in your sights, this launch party offers some fun inspiration: a canoe photo op, bug display and more!  I've already pinned a few of the ideas!  Here are just a couple of shots, but visit her blog here to see the extensive picTORIal.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Leaf Placecard Holder

First of all, I want to send my good thoughts to those of you on the East Coast who are being affected by Hurricane Sandy.  My in-laws (who live in Long Island) are actually still here with us because their flight got cancelled.  But we're thinking it's probably safer for them to be here in Colorado than there right now.  Hopefully it won't be nearly as bad as they're predicting.

On a lighter note (!) if you are stuck inside and looking for a little fall craft to do, this placecard holder from Crafts Unleashed is a great one.  Once you make them you can use them again and again.  You just need to change the leaves.   They're perfect for a dinner party and nice enough for a wedding.  You can find the full tutorial here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a Spooktacular Weekend!

It's the big weekend before Halloween when most of the festivities happen.  What do you have planned??  We just had our first snow here in Colorado (!) so I'm thinking we may be indoors more than outdoors.  But pumpkin carving and cookie decorating are definitely on the agenda.  Whatever you have planned, you may be able to fit in these cute candy corn surprise cupcakes.  Perfect for any Halloween occasion!  Find the full tutorial at The Sugar Turntable.

Have fun and be safe!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hanging Paper Cone Ball

When I saw this paper cone ball from Sometimes Twice, it instantly made me think of the crystal New Year's Eve ball in Times Square, although it's meant to be a flower ball.  Maybe if you used a large styrofoam ball with glittered paper or vellum, it could make an awesome focal point above a New Year's Eve party table?!  In any case, it definitely looks pretty cool no matter what kind of party you use it for.  Find the full tutorial here.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

This project from Better Organized Living using artificial leaves from the dollar store is a pretty way to add some foliage to your home decor.  Use it to display light items, like pinecones.  She does warn that it's not sturdy enough to hold something like fruit, in which case you can add a bowl like this:
You can find the full tutorial here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Week's Tip-off: Peeps Aren't Just for Easter

I usually associate Peeps with Easter, so this cute craft from Crafts 'n Coffee reminded me that Peeps aren't just for Easter.  They make cute Halloween decor, too!  And really, who can eat all those Peeps you get in just one pack?!  Find out how she made these fun topiaries with peeps and candy here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

7th "7-Up Lemon Lime" Party

I was so excited to see this burst of lemon and lime in my inbox! The vibrant green and yellow colors, along with a DIY lemonade stand, photo booth, art projects and amazing dessert table really made this a fun party to look at and be a part of.  Lemon and lime never looked so sweet!  Enjoy the amazing party details taken and submitted by Heather Lynn Photographie in Washington.

Event Designer: Mariah Rainier Style
Cake Designer: jenny cookies

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Wall Art

I've seen mini versions of this type of Halloween wall art, but I'm loving this larger, more whimsical version from ilovetocreate.com.  Best of all, you get "two for the price of one" with this project, because you're slicing a craft pumpkin in half.  So, make two of these to flank your party tables or decorate two rooms in your home! Find the full directions here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Classmate Halloween Idea

Don't you love The Dollar Tree (or any other dollar-type store)??!!  Just walking around the store presents so many ideas!  I was so excited to find these eyeball bubbles there.  Last year we gave teachers this, which is very much the same idea, but with chocolate.  This year we wanted to give something to the classmates. But, because the girls' school is really discouraging sweets, these bubbles are a perfect alternative!  And I used the same free printable from Blog 5 to 9 done for Thirty Handmade Days that you can find here.  Perfect just as a party favor, too.

Are you giving anything to your kids' classmates??

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Week's Tip-off: Add Fringe

Here's an easy way to add fun to your party ware.  Just add fringe streamers to your party cups!  And why stop there?  Add them to the rim of paper plates and cake stands, too! These fringed party cups are an idea from Hank & Hunt, for The Sweetest Occasion.  You can find the original post here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Witch Pumpkin Topiaries

Wouldn't you want to hang around with these adorable witches??  Make these topiaries small for the kitchen or large for your front porch.  They're such a cute idea.  Created by A Blissful Nest for Project Nursery, find the full tutorial here

Monday, October 15, 2012

Princess Party

Renee Marie Photography has shared some special parties for little girls like this Tangled party and Addison in Wonderland party.  But this party is extra special because it was for her own daughter, Gigi!  She made Gigi feel like the "Belle of the Ball" with a party fit for a pretty princess! A fun dress-up station greeted royal attendees. And there were sweets, treats and enchanting activities in this royal extravaganza!

Etsy Designers: Photodesignz, Handprint Design Studios
Favors and Gifts: Oriental Trading Company
Photography: Renee Marie Photography

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mini Bundt Pumpkin Cakes

I'm in a mini-dessert phase.  If you follow me on Facebook, you got a peek at the mini pumpkin donuts I made for my kids school Fall social last night.  Earlier this week, my daugher's friend was over for dinner.  I always like to have a fun surprise, so I made these mini bundt cake pumpkins.  The pan gives the cakes the perfect shape!  I just added food coloring to a vanilla cake mix and used pretzel rods for the stems.  They almost look better plain than decorated.  
If you want to look for this pan, here's a photo of the original packaging.  
It's not the same as the fluted muffin pans you see in craft stores.  You don't want the hole in the middle that you get with fluted pans because you need your "stem" to stick into the cake to hold it in place.

You can make these little gems as a dessert for any Fall party, or make them as a decorating activity for kids this season.  This is what Renee and Siena did with their friend as an after dinner treat.  (Dark so not the best photo!)  They thought their mini pumpkins were the cutest things ever!

Hope you get to enjoy a Fall activity this weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Soaps

If you're having a "Welcome the new pumpkin" themed baby shower these soaps would make great little favors! They're also just a nice way to add a bit of unexpected Fall decor to your bathroom.  From Clean & Scentsible, find the full tutorial here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Week's Tip-off: Printables Aren't Just for Parties

This one might seem obvious, but I still find people ask where they can get good clipart to make gift tags and such.  Depending on what you're doing, I bet you can find a good free printable that will work!  For instance, I gave my black feather wreath a really quick upgrade using $1 frame from Michaels (I didn't even paint it) along with a free printable from Hostess with the Mostess here.  The sign was one of the 4x6 printables that comes in the generous free collection.

Looking for a special tag to add to a gift?  I bet you could repurpose a tent card from a free printable set.  If you see a printable set you love, but don't quite have a use for it, bookmark it or pin it–I'll bet you'll find a reason to use it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Party Bundt Cake

Swirly colors on the outside, and surprise... on the inside, too!  This cake is a showstopper!  Display it as a whole cake, but because of the intensity of the colors, I would consider displaying slices of the cake, too.  This fun dessert is from Cooking With Sugar. She even put together a video so you can see how easily everything comes together.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Paintapalooza Party

We have house guests for the next three weekends, and then with the kids' activities and such, I had to make the hard decision of waiving the witchCRAFT party I wanted to do :(  But it won't be forgotten.  Hopefully next year! In any event, I still love a ladies night in, and this Paintapalooza on Ruffled is a great excuse to have one!  It's an art party for adults.  The concept can be used for a bridal shower or birthday, too.  The floor setup is comfy and elegant, and that paintbrush vase is way cute!  See all the details here.

Photography by The Why We Love

Friday, October 5, 2012

Clotted Blood Party Favors

I usually don't go for the bloody, scary Halloween decor but this party favor that was part of a Blood Bar from One Charming Party is so tastefully done! Strawberry jam disguised as clotted blood is genius! And they're even generous enough to provide the printables for you!  Use this idea for any styled party you're throwing this Halloween.  Find the original post here, and make sure to check out the full Blood Bar here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Terrarium

This is one the most "different" projects I've seen around for Halloween.  I love that it's "portable" so you can put it anywhere you want, and then move it to make it a centerpiece for a Halloween dinner party.  You can do this project with the kids and make it as spooky or cutesy as you want. So, save those pickle jars and come up with a theme for your own.  Find the full tutorial at Today's Creative Blog.
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