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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What U Need: Super Bowl Party

You've got the menu, not here are a few ideas to make it all come together to really make your Super Bowl party SUPER!

From Top Left:
  • Give your home a pub feel by noting all the goodies you're serving as a menu on a chalkboard. You can even use smaller chalkboards to label items on your buffet table. Photo source here.
  • You know men envy those guys with the white pen scribbling Xs and Os all over the screen to show all the different plays! Give them the power with their own dry erase board! They can scribble what they may have done during the game. Photo found on Amazon.com.
  • Look for limited edition products like this Dr. Pepper football bottle that are out now. They're an easy way to play up the football theme. Photo source here.
  • You'll get a lot of use from astroturf purchased at your hardware store. Make football cozies as shown here and cut out some easy coasters as done here. Plus, use squares of it underneath serving plates to dress up your buffet table.
Bottom Left:
  • Drink tags are a cute way to dress up those bottles of bevvies. You may be able to find scrapbook embellishments to use; if not just make ones like those shown here with some colored paper and markers. Source here.
  • Perfect to go with your drink tags and astroturf coasters and cozies are these nice, FREE printables from Green Apple Paper. They offer water bottle labels and tent cards you can download here.
  • Finally, these football whoopie pies will score a touchdown at your party! Find the how-to here.

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