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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marble "Castle" Cake

I recently discovered a new sweets blog called Iced Jems. The woman behind Iced Jems, Jem herself, has put together a great resource of tutorials on very creative, different confections. If you follow me on Facebook, I've posted some of Iced Jems' creations, like her no bake raspberry cheesecake. She also has a great how-to on making rose cake pops that made its way around a number of blogs. This one totally captured my attention because not only is it different, but it's just visually stunning. It kind of looks like an ice castle, don't you think?? And it's not that difficult to do. It would make an attention-grabbing centerpiece on any dessert table. Jump over to Iced Jems to find the tutorial on this Marble Cake and have a look at her other creations.

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