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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Most people think about decorating the main dining table for Thanksgiving... but what about the dessert table?? In my family, there is a long lag of time between the last dinner course and dessert–mainly to give everyone some time to breathe and recuperate from everything they've just eaten! After a big meal, most people don't even want to think about dessert–which is why having a nice dessert table becomes even more important. Presented right, your guests won't be able to deny dessert! Plus, dessert is the most common item guests bring, so it's nice to have a table ready to place and display it. Here is some inspiration to help you think about adding a dessert table to your Thanksgiving feast next week.

I love the monocromatic look of this dessert table. The pre-packaged cookie favors are a great idea to encourage guests to take one (or more!) cookies with them. Found at Pizzazzerie.com, you can see the details at their site here.

The flowers, fabric and textures give this table a beautiful lush look. The burlap sash dresses up the bale of hay. The pretty flower-embellished bags in the center is another way to encourage guests to take home some treats. See the rest of this table showcase here at TomKat Studio.

Make the dessert table interactive and fun for guests with a nice DIY cupcake bar. Found via Brilliant Bash, there are so many great details in this idea. Use gourds to hold sprinkles and marshmallows; instead of vintage drawers, you may have some small crates to hold berries. It's all so tempting! Guests won't resist making their own cupcake creations! See the rest of the photo details here.

Finally, if you want to cater more to the kids–since they for sure will have room saved for dessert–here is a fun table from Amy Atlas. Filled with scarecrow cookie pops, pilgrim boats, and more, this is sure to be a hit with kids and adults! Find more photos here.

So, no matter how much you eat, make sure to save room for dessert!


  1. That DIY cupcake toppings bar is fantastic! So rustic and creative! I also love the outdoor buffet. These are great finds. I'm actually in charge of dessert this year and these are great inspiration!

  2. really great ideas! sorry I have not gotten back to you! I have a jewelry show coming up on Dec. 3 at EsScentuals, so I won't be free until after that... thanks for being so understanding! but I will be able to fit in a tea time the second week of Dec... let me know.. x


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