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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Passion for Puff Pastry

I am a big fan of puff pastry. It is the best secret weapon for holiday entertaining. Cooking with puff pastry is quick and easy, and makes a pretty presentation. Once you've used it and realize how versatile it is, you'll look for a reason to use it again. So, if you're hosting a cocktail party this holiday season, or looking for a dinner appetizer, here are some options.

Puff pastry is so perfect for Fall and Winter because it has a textured, rustic look to it. These extra-long cheese straws will add height to your food buffet, while offering your guests an easy snack to grab. Get the recipe here. The swirled appetizers on the right add a fun element to your table. These are made with pesto, but you can layer them with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, olives... whatever is in your pantry! Find the recipe for these here.

How cute is this puff pillow topped with Comte cheese and a baked cherry tomato? Again, this little pillow offers endless possibilities. You can get this recipe here. And look at these "posh piggies"! A great idea to use a cookie cutter to make your appetizers look festive. Recipe source here.

Pastry puff shells provide great versatility because you can fill them with anything. The shell on the left is filled with a Greek Kalamata Olive mix (recipe here) and the one on the right is filled with wild mushrooms (recipe here). Pastry puff shells are great for dessert too–fill them with vanilla pudding for a spin on cream puffs.

Use puff pastry to create mini-versions of your favorite foods. At left are mini salami puff sandwiches (recipe here). At right are mini tartlets, or mini pizzas to me! Find the recipe here.
Finally, these are my two "go-to" puff pastry recipes. On the right is warm brie with raspberries and almonds. I like the way they used the pastry shell to create the decorative leaves on top. I usually serve my warm brie with raspberry preserves poured over the top. This is always a big hit, but it's important to serve it right out of the oven. Get the how-to here. On the left are feta and spinach triangle puffs. Spinach is one of those veggies that most people seem to like, and mixed with feta cheese–it makes a yummy appetizer! This is another one that seems to disappear off the plate. Get the recipe here.

I hope you'll be inspired to give puff pastry a try!

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  1. Love this post! I agree, puff pastry is like a wonderful secret - easy to use and so versatile! These individual apple pies are adorable and easy so simple! http://www.food.com/recipe/individual-puff-pastry-apple-pies-91246


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