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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Road Trip Activity Ideas

Now that Halloween is over, everyone is looking to make their Thanksgiving plans, which for many of you includes travel. (I'm hearing the moans and groans!) If your holiday travel plans include a long car trip or plane ride with young kids, just thinking about the trip can be daunting! Here is a collection of ideas to inspire you or make for your "travel bag."

Here are two great games for the little ones that don't know how to read yet.

Make a Scavenger Hunt/iSpy photo game to take in the car. Kids can mark off the items as they see them. This one is from Weelife here. And who is the little queen of getting from one place to another? None other than Dora. Your kids will love this Car Bingo game featuring Dora. Download the template here and play as you would any bingo game. Instead of calling out numbers, mark the items as you see them during your trip.

Encourage your kids to tell a story as they are prompted with illustrations from this adorable set of story dice from The Toby Show here. For the older kids, challenge them to finish a drawing that is started with a magazine image. This idea from Art Projects for Kids here.

How brilliant is this? A chalkboard place mat! Take this, some chalk and eraser, and your kids can draw many times over! You can buy this from PiperJensen right here. Once you've collected all your art supplies, your kids will be more excited to hit the road with their own personalized "art boxes." "The Real Housewife of Nowhere" shows you how to make one here.

Happy travels!!

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