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Monday, November 8, 2010

Craft Test: DIY Pinecone Chandelier

Many of you may have seen this wonderful "Pumpkin Celebration" by Katie Grace Designs that was making its way around the blogs. It was actually her entry into a "fall celebration" themed contest hosted by another blog, "The City Cradle." Her entry won! I have to say, it was my favorite, too! I thought she did an amazing job making her design rustic, but fun at the same time, while providing a tablescape that is truly unique. Plus, I loved that her design offered so many "takeaway" ideas--one of which were the pinecone chandeliers. They were certainly a "wow" factor in the overall look.

My parents are coming from New York to visit us for Thanksgiving. This is a big deal! They haven't been out here to Colorado in nearly a year and a half, so I want to make Thanksgiving really special. So, when I thought about dressing up our dining room, I immediately thought about Katie's pinecone chandelier. I basically did a smaller, modified version of her's. What do you think?! I only did the one, as a focal point for the room. I love the color of the flowers against the red walls, and best of all, it took maybe a 1/2 hour to do.

What I used:
Twine (that I had)
Glue gun
Pinecones ($5.99 minus 20% off at Joann's)
Faux mums (on sale for $1.49 minus 20% at Joann's)
Twine wreath ($3.99 minus 40% at Hobby Lobby)

Katie does provide a full tutorial for the chandelier, but here is basically what I did. First, I snipped off the flowers from their stems. Leave a little "nub" to glue to the twine. Then I cut four pieces of twine, each 12" long. I tied each one around a branch in the wreath. Then, I hot-glued the flowers and the pine cones to the twine. For added security, I wrapped the twine around the snipped bud, like this (sorry that it's a little blurry):

I had some orange ribbon left over from Halloween, so I used that to tie the wreath to our dining room chandelier–done! Thanks to Katie for her inspiration!

To see the rest of Katie Grace Designs' pumpkin celebration design, click here. To see Katie Grace Designs' tutorial for the DIY Pinecone Chandeliers, click here.

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