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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIY Fall Yarn Centerpiece

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Recently I was asked to host a "Craftin' Moms" activity for the MOMS Club I belong to. I thought–fun! A great way for moms to spend time together while making something for the Thanksgiving table. So, as I was searching the Internet, looking for projects, I came across this yarn wreath tutorial here. I thought–I could apply that same idea and tutorial to a centerpiece, and so ended up with this for our crafty mom playdate:

Pretty, right?! And I love that it's versatile and can be used all season. Right now I have it on my mantle, with the candles. But for Thanksgiving day, I will probably add floral foam with faux flowers to it for the table. It was pretty simple to do.

Here is what you need:
One wooden "CD case" crate (purchased at Joann's)
Yarn (look for thick yarn. I used Wool-Ease)
Felt square for the bottom
Three felt squares in different colors for the flowers
Glue dots or double-sided tape (I prefer double-sided tape)
Hot glue gun

Start off by covering the bottom of the crate. I was able to cover the entire bottom with one square of black felt. I used "Tacky Glue" to adhere it to the box. Then, just trim the edges.

Next, cover the entire top border of the box with the double-sided tape, then make your way around. As you make your way down, you can conserve tape and place strips of it every few inches. When you get to the opening midway down, you'll need to completely cover that with the tape.

Then, follow the wreath tutorial to make the felt flowers. I traced a cereal bowl to make the template for the large brown flower. The circle for the smaller flowers is 50% the size of the large one. Finally, use your hot glue gun to stick them to the yarned box. That's it!

If you decide to make one of your own, I hope you get a lot of use from it!


  1. This is super cute. Thanks for sharing! I am now your newest follower!


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