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Monday, November 22, 2010

Last-minute Food For Thought

You've got your menu planned, but didn't really think much about how you're going to decorate the table. Guaranteed you'll be making one more visit to the grocery store before Thursday, so look there to create a centerpiece for your table. Here are some great centerpiece ideas you can do in a snap with items you probably have at home, combined with a couple of items you can pick up at the grocery store.

Left: Cranberry filled glasses as flower vases make a beautiful adornment for your main dining table or buffet table. A nice change from cranberries in a candle holder. (Photo source: Southern Living)
Right: Use gourds and small pumpkins as candle holders. Line them up down the center of your table for a pretty scene. (Photo source here.)

Left: Use items like lentils to embellish candles and pumpkins. Use different colored beans or kernels on different colored candles for a festive look. (Photo source: HGTV.com)
Right: I love this idea from Martha Stewart. Use cloves to create letters on pears. Spell out THANKS for your Thanksgiving table. (Photo source: MarthaStewart.com)

Left: Here is a beautiful centerpiece made up of items you probably have at home (tray and candles) or in your backyard (pine cones and leaves). Mix them with a few small gourds, and voila--centerpiece done! (Photo source: CountryLiving.com)
Right: Borrow a few items from the side dishes you're preparing to create your centerpiece! Artichokes and string beans as candle holders really set the stage for the day! (Source: BHG.com)

Finally, go nuts for these last two ideas. Center candlesticks in a pretty tray of cashews. (Photo source here.) Or use different varieties of nuts to create a very autumnal tree. Get the how-to here.

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