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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post-Race Food Celebration

May seems to be the month that kicks off the season of 5ks, marathons, triathlons and charity events. I really admire those who are disciplined ough to train for one of those events! It's a pretty big accomplishment! If you know someone who will be participating in such an event, what better way to celebrate their personal accomplishment than to welcome them home with a healthy buffet! Here are a few table design and food ideas to make it really special.

This was a memorable feature on Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs Blog. This beautifully designed table features a brussel sprouts garland and artichoke arrangement. Yogurt parfait shots and watermelon salad are just a couple of the goodies included.

Or what about this simple, yet elegant "bagel bar" by Luna and Chloe Weddings? Bagels can be so satisfying after a race! You can have a lot of fun by offering different choices of marmalades and jams to go along with the bagels.

Decorate a colorful table to reflect the spring or summer season, like this one at Save the Date for Cupcakes. Adorn glasses with flags that say "Celebrate" "Congrats" or "Winner!" If you're serving yogurt or parfaits, make sure to have a number of self-serve toppings on hand. It's always fun for guests to make up their own food.

Or if you just want to offer your racer a small pick-me-up, how about one of these cute veggie snacks? On left is a "veggie patch" from Homespun With Love. On the right are springy vegetable bouquets from Living Locurto.

Best of luck to anyone participating in a race–especially if it's tied to a good cause!

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  1. That’s too funny that we posted such similar concepts today! You definitely have some extra ideas that I really like...thanks for the extra ideas!


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