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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craft Test: Easter Egg Tea Cups

How absolutely charming are these tea cups made from plastic Easter eggs on buttons?! I discovered this sweet blog yesterday called Creativity in progress. I featured her tea cup carousel on my Facebook page yesterday--but was so smitten with the little tea cups she created. So smart and totally cute! Together like this, the tea cups make such a great display for a tea party, girl's room or just playing tea.

Finding this project was great timing for me! We didn't have the greatest weather yesterday, and I actually had everything on hand to make these with my girls, so we tried it. We used jewels, glitter glue and Sharpies to decorate our tea cups. If you use something like the jewels, make sure to glue them all the way around, otherwise your tea cup will fall over if the weight isn't even all the way around.

Renee and Siena did a pretty good job, don't you think?! You can barely tell which are the ones I made. ha! They really enjoyed making these. This is a great little party or rain day activity.

Find the original how-to for these darling Easter egg tea cups here at Creativity in progress.


  1. I just had a total Easter Egg cup fail last night, so this is just what I needed...too incredibly cute!

  2. Awww awww awww so cute! Your girls did a magnificient job! LOVE LOVE all the blings! THANK YOU for featuring my teacups!

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