Home Confetti: DIY Chiffon and Twine Napkin Rings

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Chiffon and Twine Napkin Rings

These napkin rings speak fabulous! I LOVE the combination of the beautiful, soft chiffon material with the rustic twine. The chiffon makes them elegant enough for special occasions and because they were made with PVC piping (43 cents per piece!) they are affordable enough to make for larger parties. Perfect for party DIYers!

Created by Jessica of Two Shades of Pink. I also love how she used different buttons in the centers to make each one unique. Find Jessica's tutorial on her blog. If you need a tutorial for the actual chiffon flower, refer to her flower corsage tutorial here.


  1. these would be so pretty at a "natural themed" bridal shower or even wedding. Love them!


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