Home Confetti: Twirlie Whirlie Wedding

Friday, September 17, 2010

Twirlie Whirlie Wedding

I've seen great pinwheel parties for children, but never a pinwheel party done quite like this for a wedding! Event planners, Jesi Haak Weddings, did a wonderful job translating the pinwheel, kites theme for this wedding. Colorful, fun and whimsical--what better way to end the week?! Take a closer look at those flowers in the first photo... they are made of paper! The cake and dessert table were done by My Sweet and Saucy–I love the trimmings around the cake stands!

But, you might be asking yourself "Why is this on Home Confetti if it's not a home wedding?!" This wedding offers so much great inspiration and there are ideas that can easily be used for a home shower or birthday. Visit My Sweet and Saucy's website here to see the rest of the photos. Look for some of my other favorite details, including the kite invitation and the pinwheels on the chairs. Have a twirlie whirlie weekend!

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