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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretty Halloween Wreath

I have been refraining from posting Halloween stuff just yet... but now that I've finished my first Halloween project for the season, I've given myself the green light! This past weekend I got the itch to walk around Joanne's–see what new stuff they had in store. (That itch comes around every 10, maybe 7 or even 5 days!) When I walked in, they had the Halloween fabrics up front and center... so I took some time looking through them just for fun, wishing I knew how to sew! Then, as I browsed the aisles, I saw a cute set of pumpkin bells–and that's when the bell went off in my head! I came up with this project that is so easy and I think a bit nicer than hanging a plastic skeleton from your door! :0 The directions are below. If necessary, click on the photo board to get a closer look at each step.
What You Need:
- Black paint or spray paint, and brush (I used black acrylic paint I had on hand)
- Embroidery hoop (I made a large wreath with a 12" hoop, so I would recommend a 10" hoop for a front door) $1.59
- A spool of black tulle, 25 yards $2.99 (Look for it in the wedding crafts aisle)
- Glittered orange tulle (I purchased a yard, you can probably get away with 1/2 yard) $4.19
- Halloween bells $4.99 (minus 10% coupon!)
- Optional ribbon

Step One: Start by painting the embroidery hoop black. It'll look better if black is peeking through the tulle, instead of wood.

Step Two: Start cutting strips of tulle and tie them around the hoop. I made my strips about 26" long. If you're using a smaller hoop go shorter. Don't worry about the strips being even. That's the beauty of using tulle; it actually looks better with uneven edges. The more you can fit around the hoop, the better. It will help the tulle "stand" around the hoop.

Step Three: When you're finished, it should look like this

Last Step: Using strips of the orange tulle, add a few accent pieces around the hoop. Then embellish with bells, like I did, or some other trinket. (I was happy with the results, and I actually didn't end up using the polka dotted ribbon shown in the first photo, but you could use the ribbon to add a fun bow to the wreath or use it to hang the wreath on your door.)

That's it!

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