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Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Your College Jello Shots!

I think I've found what I'll be bringing to parties this coming holiday season! These variations of "jello shots" are definitely a long way from the college jello shots! So much prettier that guests may not immediately know what they are. Surprise your guests with a burst of flavor in these little gemlike jellies.

Sangria inspired with sweet wine and citrus flavors, these are from Martha Stewart. They look so pretty on that lucite tray. Get the recipe here. A similar looking recipe from Food Network can be found here.

Save this one for your summer-themed parties! Mojito Jellies–and how great do they look in that lime bowl??! This one can inspire you to come up with other summer flavors. Find the recipe here.

Isn't this presentation beautiful?! The photo is from Brides.com, but unfortunately this is no longer on their website (although the photo is still floating around the Internet) But I thought it was worth including as inspiration for your own presentation. They're jello shots, topped with edible flowers, held by picks.

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  1. These are so great! I love the idea of the mojito shooters in the lime halves. Great find!


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