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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twister Inspired Lalaloopsy Party Game

When I was searching around for Lalaloopsy party games I came across this great DIY "Loopsy" Twister game at Paging Supermom.  When I showed it to the girls they were totally excited to have it for the party. I basically followed their instructions with a few minor tweaks since I wanted mine to be a lot bigger. (I know--excuse the bad wrinkles!)
- I purchased a 6 x 9' canvas dropcloth at Lowes for $10.
- Instead of fabric circles, I used felt. I thought it would help keep the costs down using felt.
- Since my playmat is bigger, I used 5 colors instead of 4.
- Instead of adhering the circles to the canvas with fusible interfacing, I simply hot glued the circles onto the canvas.  (This actually took more time than expected. I did two rows at a time.)
- To make the circles look more Lalaloopsy-ish, I made a few look like buttons.

Finally the spin board.  The ladies at Paging Supermom actually provide a FREE printable for the spinboard.  If you use fabric swatches for your circles then definitely follow their instructions.  But since I used felt circles, I just cut out mini circles and pasted them onto the board.  My circles look a little off since I used 5 circles--the template is made for 4.  Then I pasted the spinner printable onto foam board to give it some durability.  I attached the spinner a little differently than their instructions.  I just cut out the provided spinner a little wider and punched a hole in it.  I poked a hole through the spin board and foam board.  Then with a brad (round head fastener) I inserted the spinner.  Make sure to leave it a little loose so the spinner can freely spin around.  Then using a glue dot I adorned the brad fastener with a button.
We can't wait to use it!

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