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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Summer Fun" Planning Pack

Today is Renee and Siena's last day of school.  So, for us, Summer has arrived!  I put together this small fun pack to go through with the girls tonight.  It includes: my free Summer Badges, Summer Journals, Summer Fun List (I used free printables from Tatertots and Jello), and a "Boredom Buster Jar."  I'm hoping it will get them psyched for all the things we'll be doing over the Summer.  The Summer Journal also helps to remind them that many of the things we'll be doing will be school-related, like practicing their handwriting, math exercises, etc.  We don't want them to forget everything and have their brains turn to mush over the Summer!

If you want to see what our lists are I've attached them here and here.  Each list grows as the summer progresses.  As a work-at-home mom my Boredom Buster list has to be made up of activities they can independently do, so you won't find "Do a Science Experiment" on there!  The Boredom Buster Jar is where they can turn to find something to do while I'm working in the mornings.  Then, when I'm done at around 12:30, we can tackle the Summer Fun List in the afternoons! Ready or not here is the Summer!

I'd love to hear how you prepare your kids for the Summer!

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