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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Baking Party: Decor

Renee and Siena's baking party was so much fun!  The girls were really into doing their best at making cookies and decorating cakes.  I have so many photos to share with you!  Let's start with the general decor.  I had different areas of the house set up as different stations: "Renee's Ready-to-bake Wear Shoppe" was where the girls decorated their aprons and hats.  The kitchen was where the baking and cake decorating happened.  And finally, we had "Siena's Sweet Shoppe" where their bakery boxes (goodie bags) and favors were displayed.  (I've listed the shopping resources at the very end.)
Here goes!

I used cupcake liners everywhere I could–even on the front door!
"Renee's Ready-to-Bake Wear Shoppe"
 If you don't like your chandelier--cover it!  
There goes those apron cupcakes!
 "Siena's Sweet Shoppe"
 I was greatly inspired by this adorable baking paydate from Lynlee's Petite Cakes here. When I saw that I knew I wanted the favors to be "baking ingredients."  We had milk cartons (filled with gummy bears), "pastry bags" that were cotton candy, eggs filled with a lip gloss ring and oven mitts!
 Bakery boxes served as the "goodie bags."  And of course milk bottles (a.k.a. Frappucino bottles)
 Before the mess started in the kitchen!
 The kids enjoying their cake creations and a cookie pie when we sang Happy Birthday!
 We had some camera-shy chefs, but these are most of them. Don't they look too cute in their hats and aprons?!  I love the smiling faces!
Next time I'll share the activities.  We did more than just bake!
UPDATE: Click HERE to see all the party activities!

Shopping Resources:
Aprons: Hobby Lobby
Wooden Frames, bakery boxes, oven mitts: Michaels
Kitchen Tablecloth: JoAnns
Cupcake Liners: Pick Your Plum
Scene Setters: Party City


  1. I love all those colours, marvellous

  2. What a sweet (no pun intended) birthday party. The details are amazing. I love that you put it all together with supplies from stores that we all have near us! And, am just loving those large birthday-themed banners flanking the table.

  3. This would have been my favorite party ever when I was a kid. I love it!

  4. How SWEET! I saw your post on CafeMom in Party Planning Mamas and had to check it out. I especially like the transformed chandelier and sweet shoppe. Thanks for sharing this frosting covered fun.

  5. HI!! LOVED the colors of your party!! :)

    It's taking a while to get things going, but we're now back with a link party every first Monday, so there's one today! :)

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to link up to our link party to Bird's Party linky!!


  6. They look like my lil sisters! so adorable


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