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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Milk Carton + Oodles of Free Templates!

Here is one of the take-aways I made for our baking party this weekend–these cute mini milk cartons.  Originally, the intention was to fill them with Whoppers (milk ball chocolates) but Renee and Siena insisted on filling them with gummy bears.  (The birthday girls get what the birthday girls want!)

But I need to share with you where I found the free template–on a website called Tami Matta, here.   There are free templates for everything from a crayon box to an envelope to a wine glass shade.  You should check it out!  Just looking through the list will inspire you with new ideas.

For those of you who have never used a template, it's not difficult.  Insert the template into the layout program you are working on.  (I actually did mine in Powerpoint)  Then, apply your design to the template.  Defintely print out a test version to make sure that your design is in the right direction and lays out correctly.  Have it printed out on white cardstock. If you don't have a good printer, you can bring it to Kinko's or a place like Costco.  If you use a glossy cardstock like I did, I highly recommend scoring the lines with an actual scoring board before folding.  If you just fold it on your own, the edges will "crack" and not look very pretty.  Once you have everything scored, glue it all together (I used double-sided tape).  And you've got your custom favors.

Wish me luck this weekend!  Hopefully it won't take me forever to share the photos.

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  1. Those little milk cartons are so adorable! Could they be filled with cookies? (also can whoppers be baked into cookies to create a whopper chocolate chip cookie? I should look into this). How fun!


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