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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tea Cup Stands w/Free Tags

Here is the next project I've finished for our Queen of Hearts/Alice tea party. Another project done on a budget!

THE STANDS: Since it is a tea party, I want to make the actual tea cups a prominent part of the table setting. So, I made these stands–which I know you've seen done many times–to give the tea cups height and stand out on the table. I purchased two bags of candlesticks ($2.99 each) and plaques at 2 for $1 from Hobby Lobby. Our dining room is red, so we actually had some of that paint left over and that's what I used to paint the pieces. Once all the pieces were dry, I glued them together with Gorilla Glue I had. So, all together the stands cost me about $11.

TEA CUPS: There is no way I'm using my personal china for the party, so I purchased 10 tea cups at a local thrift store, at 50 cents each. After making about 5 visits to various thrift stores, I gave up looking for rose-decorated tea cups. So, I ended up purchasing seven tea cups that are plain white. I bought a pack of "rose" stickers for $1 and just decorated the tea cups with the stickers. Not bad, right?! The total on the tea cups is about $6.

DRINK ME TAGS: FINALLY--this is what I really wanted to show you in this post... This little freebie find! How cute are those Drink Me tags?! And they are a freebie offered at B. Nute Productions Party Place here. She offers both Drink Me and Eat Me tags free, and she provides the rest of the collection in her shop here. The illustrations are stunning. I was so excited to find them!

Now I only have about 6 more projects left! Good thing we have a long weekend ahead. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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