Thursday, July 14, 2016


My husband gave me a hard time about getting this game set up for the party - he thought I was going a bit overboard - but it ended up literally costing less than $20 to make and took no longer than 30 minutes to set up. It ended up being a favorite activity at the party so it was totally worth it!

How we made our Quidditch game:

We compromised a bit. Instead of putting hoops at both ends of our field, we only put hoops in the middle of our backyard. We were afraid that if we put hoops near the fence, balls would constantly be going into our neighbors' yards, so we concentrated the game in the middle.
My husband purchased 3 long pieces of pine wood from Lowe's at $1 each. He shaved points at the end of each one to make it easier to get them into the ground. I purchased kid size (smaller than the usual size) hula hoops ($1 each) at Dollar Tree. My husband then drilled the hoops into each wood stake. We enforced it a bit with some clear packing tape. You can't really tell from this photo, but the middle one was higher/taller than the other two hoops.

Additionally, each girl got a broom to play with. I purchased $1 dowels from Hobby Lobby. I collected sticks from our neighborhood and hot glued them onto each dowel. I finished them off with a piece of ribbon I had.
We used a foam ball we found at Walmart as the "quaffle" and we happen to have a yellow golf ball that we used as the "snitch."

To play we used Flax & Twine's set of rules for the game here.

The girls really enjoyed it--even getting a bit competitive!
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