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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Easter Scavenger Hunt

We don't really do the Easter Bunny thing in our house.  No big reason why. It's just something we never started.

We do however, have a very generous family that sends the girls a number of Easter baskets and goodies.  I usually just hide them and the girls go looking for them--always making sure to mark the baskets with who sent them.  But this year, I'm going to make it a bit more fun and challenging for the girls to get their goodies.  With the help of some fabulous free printables from Embellish, I put together a scavenger hunt. Each clue will lead the girls to a different set of baskets sent to them by a different family member.  I thought I'd share this idea for anyone that might want to try it.  And you can certainly still pull this together in time for Sunday.

The printables set comes with rabbit tracks.  I want the girls to see the tracks as soon as they wake up.  So I'm going to put the tracks down by their bed to their bedroom door, leading them to an envelope hanging on their doorknob filled with the 6 clues.  Yes, there are 6 clues, which means 6 sets of Easter goodies. (They'll have quite the stash by the end of the hunt!)

The hunt will take them around the house and even outside.  Here's an example of one of the clues:

This room is our favorite place.
It's where we eat and stuff our face!

In this room, go where it's cold and look on top
There is a special surprise from Grandma and Pop-Pop!

Cute right?  My only fear is having to do this next year, and having to come up with new clues! ha

How do your kids get their Easter baskets??  I'd love to hear any ideas!

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