Home Confetti: Guest Post: Michelle Pino of Skana Spa with a DIY Scrub Recipe

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Michelle Pino of Skana Spa with a DIY Scrub Recipe

I am so pleased to have Michelle Pino as my guest today on Home Confetti. Michelle Pino is the Spa Manager at Skana Spa in Verona, NY. Michelle loves learning new tips and tricks in the health and beauty industries, but also loves DIY projects, cooking, baking and leading a healthy lifestyle.  She's here to share one of her favorite projects, and a great reason to get your girlfriends together for a fabulous girls night in. Take it away Michelle!
What's better than a girls night? Hmmm... I can't think of much! Some of the most fun, relaxing and best memories have come from spending time with my lovely lady friends. If you're in the mood to relax, rejuvenate and rid yourself of that layer of dead skin Winter has provided you, invite your closest girlfriends over and try out this easy DIY body scrub. (Might as well get a few bottles of wine and some chocolate, too!)
- Almond Oil
- Raw Sugar
- Oatmeal (optional)
- Brown Sugar (optional)
- Essential Oils of your choice

Body scrubs are so simple to make: Mix one-part oil, two-parts sugar and voila! (Just make sure your body scrub isn't too soupy.)

Gather your girls and let them each make their very own body scrub adding brown sugar, oatmeal or a scented essential oil to their body scrub to tailor it to their preference.  Have a few mason jars on hand for each lady to store her scrub in, as well as a few bows, ribbons or printable stickers to decorate the jars.

This is a fun and inexpensive way to spend time with the women in your life crafting, relaxing and sharing stories all while making a little jar of body scrub that can be used while taking your next shower. Your mind will calm, your skin will glow and your friends will thank you for such a wondrful girls night!

**Sharing beauty and health tips and tricks is something I love doing. I am so thankful to have a rewarding job.  Working at the spa at Turning Stone Resort and Casino has allowed me to gain so much knowledge and experience within the industry. Sharing simple recipes like this is a pleasure. Thanks Rose Marie!**

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