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Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Classroom Ideas

I knew the email was coming soon... the email letting us know it was time to start planning the class Valentine Day parties.  There are so many cute ideas out there and I am having fun sifting through all the heart projects.  Renee and Siena are in first grade so I don't want to suggest anything too hard to do.  Here are some favorites I've found that would work for a classroom or at home.  If you are planning a kids Valentine's Day party, make sure to check out my post from last year here and my Pinterest Board here


(click on names to be brought to source):
This is my favorite.  Handprint Heart Tree from Putti's World.
Yarn Heart Cards from Parents.com. I think an oversized version of this would be great, too.
Mason Jar Tea Lights from Homemade Serenity

We made these "Love Bug" cookies last year and they were a big hit!  Here's Renee with her's.  We made them by frosting heart shaped cookies, used mini Nilla wafers for the head, chocolate chips for the spots and licorice for the antannae.
I don't have photos for these, but two ideas for games are:
"Heart Potato" Using a heart shaped pillow, it's played as the traditional Hot Potato game
"Couples Match Game"  This one involves a bit of work.  Using cards, kids have to match famous couples.  So, you would need to make the cards for this game: Mickey and Minnie, Dora and Boots, etc.

If you're trying to avoid Valentines with candy there are a lot of great ideas out there: bouncey balls, sun glasses, we did glow sticks last year.  Here are a couple of different ones to add to the list:
Crazy straws found on Pinterest with no source :(
Punch balls from Coffee & Cabernet

What kind of activities are you planning for your Valentine Day class??

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  1. Those yarn cards are so cute...remind me of the 'lacing' practice cards we had when we were little (ages ago)!


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