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Monday, January 28, 2013

Our 100th School Day Projects

The 100th school day for my girls is Monday February 4th. To celebrate the day-like many schools do--the 1st grade students have to come up with a project that includes 100 items of something. No specifics are given--only that the class has to be able to see the 100 items.  So, Renee and Siena tackled their projects this past weekend.  I admit: I gave them a list of possible projects to do.  Renee decided on a gumball machine and Siena decided on a birthday cake.
For the Gumball Machine, I found this cute free printable--specifically for this day from Plum Adorable here.  There's a line at the bottom for the child to add their name.  And Renee added a quarter in the slot. (Don't you love the greasy fingerprints that are already on there?!)  Renee glued on all the poms but some are already falling off, so I've been hot glue-ing the jumpers back on.

For the Birthday Cake, we used a round paper mache box (a larger version of this) that you can find in any craft store. We wrapped the sides with decorated paper.  (Siena decorated the paper before we glued it on.)  We flipped the lid over, covered the rim with pink paper and glued it to the bottom piece.  Siena then painted a styrofoam disk pink and we inserted that into the lid.  That way she could stick all the candles in on her own.  They were pretty happy with their projects!
Does your school celebrate 100 days?  What projects will your little one be presenting??

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