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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tutorial: North Pole Game

Last week I gave you a glimpse of the North Pole ring toss game I made when I recapped the activities we planned for my daughter's holiday party here.  Now, as promised, here is the tutorial on how to make your own holiday themed game! Here is what you need:

1 Dowel 1" x 36" (I purchased mine at Michaels)
3"doll heads" (that's how they were labeled at Michaels-they were perfect because they have a flat bottom)
3 wood bases (I had the 2 round ones and couldn't find a third so had to buy the square)
- Red craft paint
- White craft paint
- Glue (I used my hot glue gun)
- Holiday patterned duct tape (purchased mine at Home Depot)
- 3 frisbee discs (purchased at Dollar Tree)
- Red crepe paper

Start by painting the bases and "doll heads."  I painted the bases red and doll heads white.  
While those are drying, cut your dowel into 3 equal (12") pieces.
Wrap them with your duct tape.  I wrapped them lengthwise.  I did have to cut a small strip to cover it all the way around.
Glue each one to a base. I used playing cards (yes, Princess cards is what we have here!) to add some weight to the top to help them stay and stick in place while drying.
Then, adhere the balls (doll heads)-flat bottom down-to the top of each dowel. (For some reason I don't have a photo of this step!) 

For the rings, I used these frisbee rings (purchased at Dollar Tree).
 I just wrapped red crepe paper around each one.  They make perfect rings! 
And here is the whole game! 
Both my girls have already been playing with it!  Hope it adds a lot of fun to your holiday party!


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