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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Balloons

I wanted to make something inexpensive for the kids Holiday parties.  Just something to spruce up the room a bit, which is a challenge because we really can't hang anything from the ceilings.  So, using some fab FREE printables I found online, I made this cute balloon trio (one for each table station):
I know Santa is a little sad looking... not sure what to do about those eyes.  They're first graders, they won't mind!

I found the Rudolph and Santa printables at Sweetie Pie Bakery here.
And the top hat for the snowman came from Oh Happy Day here.

I used glue dots to stick the printables onto each balloon.  The sticks are dowels purchased from Michaels and then covered with patterned duct tape.

Since I didn't use helium, the main challenge I had with these was getting the floppy balloon to sit still on the stick.  After several attempts I just ended up sticking a few glue dots to the top of the stick, and just sticking the balloon to it.  So far it's lasted!

Then, I stuck the balloon sticks into these weights I found at The Dollar Tree.
For a first grade class party, I think they'll do the trick!

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