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Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Holiday Classroom Favor

I hope you're all getting through the holiday season in a somewhat sane manner. Don't hate me, but I'm actually done with my Christmas shopping! :0  I try to get it done early so I have the time to wrap all the gifts, concentrate on holiday traditions with the kids and getting little things like this done.

I'm slowly getting things organized for the girls' holiday parties. I'm using this little idea as a game prize. This is also great if you need a party favor or just want to give something to classmates before the winter break.  It's cheap and easy.

I found these multi-colored bouncey balls at Walmart for only 97 cents per package.  And the 50-pack cellophane treat bags for $2.50--also at Walmart.
I used a FREE reindeer bag topper printable from The Cooke Family you can find here. I just changed the wording to fit my prize:  Have a BALL over the Holidays!  The message also works since the party is the last day before break.  And then put it all together.  This is also a great solution if your school discourages sweets like our's does.

Have a great weekend!

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