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Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Teacher Gift + Free Printable

My girls start school next week, on the 21st.  We attempted to go school shopping at the mall over the weekend.  (I say "attempted" because I have the only girls that don't like to shop for clothes!) While we were trying to shop, I perked up when I saw a big sign in front of Bath & Body Works, "5 for $15."  Sounds like a great deal--let's go in!  Looking around, this jumped out at me and thought it would be make an easy and cute "meet the teacher" gift.  The name could not be any cuter, and every teacher can use more hand soap for their classroom.  So, I bought a few! :)
But, of course it needed a cute tag.  So, I made one.
And I'm sharing the tags with you!  Catch this great deal at Bath and Body Works if you have a few children in school.  I've made the tags in different color combos, so you can choose.

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  1. I have done these soaps every year for the past 3 years and have already purchased them again for this year!! LOVE them!! Thank you for the adorable tags. I will print them and include them with my soap.

  2. I'm a Sunday school teacher and love my B&B soaps I get from my kids! Another great thing would be the antibacterial soaps at B&B with your tags..pretty inexpensive too! :)

  3. You are so thoughtful to do this for your girls' teachers.


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