Home Confetti: "2 Turning 2" Cowboy Party

Monday, August 27, 2012

"2 Turning 2" Cowboy Party

Hold on to your cowboy hats for this super adorable red and blue cowboy party!  Friends, Angie Lundeen and Jana Gregg have boys one month apart, so they decided to throw a joint "2 turning 2" cowboy themed birthday party for their sons and friends. These moms are amazing-they did everything! Angie designed the invitations and WANTED signs (with personalized outlaw names like "Autumn the Ax" and "Dynamite Drew" for each boy). Together they came up with, and made, themed games, the red and blue banner, and photo props. IBC Root Beer, lemonade and iced tea were served in mason jars tied with twine. Lunch included kid favorites: hot dogs, chips, cowboy caviar, watermelon, assorted veggies and an amazing cake! Their friend Lauren Schroeder made the fabulous cowboy cake--a three-tiered fondant cake featuring blue jeans with a bull belt buckle and cow print with sheriff badge, separated with fondant rope and topped with a "2" cowboy hat!  Really--these ladies need to start their own business!!  But the best element of the party--FUN!  This party looked like so much fun.  All the effort was worth it!  I was so happy they shared it with Home Confetti, so I can share it with you!  (You can see more photos on Angie's own blog here.) Yee haw!

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  1. Thanks RoseMarie! It was a fun party to plan. And we're already talking ideas for next year! Party planning is addictive.


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