Home Confetti: Girly Bird-themed Baby Shower

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Girly Bird-themed Baby Shower

Birdies are one of my favorite themes, because it can be used for birthdays, housewarming and showers, like this sweet one, submitted and photographed by Karen Feder Photography

Given by friends of the mom-to-be, the hosts created so many of the details themselves. Everything from the tissue poms that hung above the table to the birdies hanging in the tree. I love all the different activities that really gave a special meaning to the occasion. Guests wrote sweet "tweets" to the soon-to-be mommy. They also made hair barrettes for the new baby girl, and shared some love on how they hoped she would grow up to be. The game for guests to play was a multiple-choice list of questions based on facts before the mom and dad-to-be "left the nest."  All great ideas!  

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