Home Confetti: Meet Frosty-the Pumpkin Snowman

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Frosty-the Pumpkin Snowman

We're definitely getting a lot of use out of the pumpkins we picked back in October! First, they helped decorate our front porch, along with the carved ones we made for Halloween.

Then we turned the uncarved pumpkins into turkeys for Thanksgiving:

Now, the remaining two have been turned into a snowman to decorate our front porch for the winter holiday season! All I did was paint the pumpkins with some old white paint we had in the basement. Then used black and orange craft paint to make the eyes and nose. I cut the stem off the bottom pumpkin so the top pumpkin could sit comfortably on it. The weight of the top pumkpin is holding it in place.

I was contemplating putting a black top hat on him, until Renee came up with the idea of giving him ear muffs. She made and stuck them on herself. (I'll have to better secure them, otherwise I don't think they'll stay on there very long!) One thing I should mention–the paint is slightly cracking. Craft paint might have been the better option; I just didn't have white on me. But I guess I can touch him up if necessary. Plus, he's under a covered porch, which will help to protect him, too.

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