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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Classroom Party

I'm organizing my girls' Holiday classroom parties. They're in kindergarten, so the activities have to be fairly easy. Wanted to share what we're planning in case any of you are "room moms" and need some ideas for your little ones. These are also great ideas just to do at home, or for your own home holiday party. (These are combined ideas. We are not doing ALL of these ideas in one classroom!) The headings are the names I plan to use on signs for each station.

How psyched was I when I found this Pin the Nose on Rudolph printable?! It's perfect! And young kids love this game. I'll use my circle punch to create round red noses with each of the kids' names on them to play. You can find the printable here. If time permits, we're also going to have a "snowball relay" game ready. A twist on the classic "egg relay" game. Kids will have to carry a styrofoam snowball on a small spoon and place into a bucket. Then the next person will push a snowball around a cone with the spoon to the bucket. Photo source here.
These are both great for little hands. The how-to for the beaded ornaments can be found at One Artsy Mama. The bell door hanger is from Martha Stewart.

Mrs. Claus' Kitchen (Snack Station):
The kids made and ate "spider cookies" at the Halloween party. They had a lot of fun building their own snacks. So, this time we're going to be building "snowmen" and "reindeer." The snowmen photo is my own. I made them for a Christmas brunch last year. So easy, using powdered donuts, baby carrots and black decorating gel. For the reindeer cookies we'll be using frosting to assemble the pieces. (Photo source for reindeer cookies here.) For a drink, I was planning on making cute Rudolph beverages using apple juice bottles, but now with the discovery of arsenic in apple juice (did you hear about that?!) I nix'd that idea. Can't do milk since there's no refrigerator in the class... so I think I might go with something like this cute Santa made using Kool Aid blasters. (It's a party--what's a little more sugar?!)

Elves Work Room (Activity):
Decorating "Christmas Trees" with sugar cones is a much easier alternative to gingerbread houses. With little ones there is a risk of the house falling apart. Plus, we're not allowed to bring in homemade cookies, so the houses would have to be purchased which can get pretty pricey for 21 kids. But this will be a fun take-away and addition to any gingerbread house made at home! (Photo source here.)

If you're still looking for more ideas, come visit my board of ideas that I've been collecting on Pinterest here. Or let me know what you're planning - would love to hear!

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