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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whimsical Pumpkin Topiaries

My Halloween decorations have been making their appearance slowly this year. I've seen these whimsical topiaries around and wanted to try to re-create them. I am so happy with the way they came out! And if I can do it–YOU can do it!

The How-to:
I purchased white and black craft pumpkins at Michael's; two sets in three different sizes. (Keep your eye out because they have been 50% off there lately.) I traced a pattern on the white pumpkins and used craft acrylic paint over the pattern. The black pumpkins were stubborn–the craft paint wasn't showing up on them. I've heard you should prime your painting area first, but since I didn't have primer on hand, I cut out orange paper circles and Mod Podge'd them on. (Since my porch is covered, they're safe) Here's a closer picture of the pumpkins, if you want to mimic the patterns.

Before starting to get your pumpkins together, have your garden container ready, filled with dirt. Cut a paper circle to fit the top of the container. Put the paper circle in place. This will prevent your craft pumpkin from getting dirty. You can just see the paper in mine sticking out from the back.

Now here's the tricky part. You need a 1/4" dowel, 36" long (I purchased mine at Michael's). Drill a small hole into the top and bottom of each pumpkin, on the backside. You're going to stick the dowel through each set of holes to keep the pumpkins together. Once you have that done, you'll stick the bottom end of the dowel into the dirt to hold the pumpkins in place. Craft pumpkins are very light. This will prevent them from blowing away. Here's a closer look at the back of the pumpkins.

Tie a cute ribbon around the top of the dowel and you're done! So fun. Use these inside or outside your home!

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  1. Wow!! Beautiful! We can find everything at Michaels! What a store! Wish we could have one of these in Brazil! Mel

  2. These are adorable...especially like the orange striped pumpkin! Stop by to enter my giveaway!

  3. I love these!! I'm pinning them to my pinterest right now! And, I'm so going to do this ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I am such a sucker for pumpkins and then pumpkin topiaries - LOVE! Thanks for lining to tickled pink. I am sharing this on Facebook!

  5. These are awesome! What a wonderful way to add a smile to the season without getting too spooky. Jen @ www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  6. Oh these are lovely and unexpected. Really love them!

  7. What a neat idea! These look great!

    I'd love for you to stop by and link up at my Friday Favorites party!

  8. These are wonderful! I just started putting my pumpkin topiaries together today. so far just plain orange, white and black pumpkins. But, I love your patterns. Pinning this!

  9. RoseMarie, these are some of the most creative pumpkin topiaries that I have seen! So cute! I am now your newest follower via Lolly Jane Boutique; and I hope you will follow me, too! Blessings to you!

  10. Love your Topsy Turvy pumpkin topiaries!

  11. This is such a cute & festive project, I’m book-marking this to make later! I found you via Made by you Monday. I’m your newest follower and would love a “follow back”!

    Have a great week,

    Jillian @ www.foodfolksandfun.blogspot.com


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