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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orange Candied Popcorn

Here's something kids and adults will eat up in no time at any type of Halloween party–orange candied popcorn!

Over the summer, The Idea Room posted a recipe for red, white and blue popcorn that I made for July 4th. Kids kept coming back for more. So why not take that idea and use it for Halloween?? Everyone loves popcorn–and the candied toppping makes it even better! Plus, you can make loads of this for very little money.

*When mixing the food coloring colors, make sure to start with yellow, then add red to it. Always start with the lighter color, otherwise you'll use up all your yellow trying to make the red turn orange. *
When it came time to sprinkle the candied glaze over the popcorn, I used a glass pan.

Toss the popcorn and then let it dry a little before putting it into a bowl. Enjoy!

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