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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Alice Party Part 2: The Food Table

The Queen of Hearts certainly took center stage with the main tea party in Part 1 so I knew I had to find a way to represent the other main characters: Alice, Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. So, I incorporated them into the food table. Since most of the story takes place in the forest I pretty much went with that in decorating the table, using vines and a small tree I had from last year's Halloween party.

In case you missed them, I've already shared the DIY on the Alice Stand and Mad Hatter Hat. More DIY info to come next week!

Those green flower cups were completely inspired by the tie-dye cups The Purple Pug made for her Fly Guy party, that I also featured. The idea was perfect for my table. AND best of all it was a great project for my girls to do, to contribute to their own party. The flower cups are made with coffee filters and you can find The Purple Pug's tutorial here.

THE FOOD: Instead of putting out bowls of food, I wanted to make it really easy for the girls to serve themselves, so everything was put into little cups or made bite-size.
The Alice Stand held tea sandwiches; strawberry cream cheese and, ham and cheese sandwiches.
The Mad Hatter Hat was adorned by cups with cheese sticks, black olives and cucumbers.
The Cheshire Cat Tray (which is just a box wrapped in a plastic tablecover) held cups of strawberries, blueberries and grapes.
The green flower cups held cold pasta salad. (The cups were reused ice cream dixie cups)
The food's color complemented its stand and it was all food 5-year old kids enjoy.

DESSERT: Dessert came later with the "Painting the Roses Red" cupcakes I made to sing Happy Birthday to. Plus, I served Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies and heart-shaped chocolates while the girls played croquet. It was just enough food and sweets. I didn't have many leftovers. It's nice to have a dedicated dessert table, but unless you plan to give most of it away as part of the kids' goody bags, you get left with too much candy. So, think twice before you do it.

Next up: Party Activities!


  1. This looks FABULOUS! I love the Alice stand. The coffee filter covers look amazing:) Totally adore.

  2. That Alice stand is brilliant!!!

    Fabulous job!!!


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