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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Alice Party Part 1: Queen of Hearts Tea Party

This week, I'm going beyond the usual "Merry Monday" to finally show you photos from the Alice in Wonderland party we threw for my girls, Renee and Siena, who turned 5 a couple of weeks ago. I am so thrilled with how everything went, and even more so, that my friend Stephanie Stamos captured it so beautifully. This week I will post the party photos in parts. Next week, I'll follow up with all the DIY and free printables. Yes, I made everything--even most of the printables! So, without further ado... welcome to our Queen of Hearts Tea Party! And yes... that is me, making a special appearance as the Queen of Hearts. Ha! Let me tell you--it was a great way to get everyone to call me "Your Highness" for the day! ;)

That last photo made it all worth it! The girls still talk about the party.
If you missed it, you can find the DIY and info on the free DRINK ME tag on my post here.

And if you can, please take a minute to look at Stephanie's website. In addition to photography, she sells fabulous tutus and other girly apparel, under the name "Clare Bear Wear."

Part 2 will showcase the Food Table, featuring the DIY Alice stand I shared with you. :)

**Update: Visit here for Part 2; Visit here for Part 3: The Activities.


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