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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No-sew Alice Stand

I'm probably the only one in my area who didn't mind the cruddy weather over the long weekend, because not only are my husband and I in the process of remodeling the guest bathroom–it gave me time to finish some of the projects for the girls' upcoming party.

This is what I made to represent Alice on the food table. Isn't it cute?! Renee and Siena were so excited when they saw it. I was just relieved they understood "who" it was!

**Let me say this is NOT the ideal way to put this stand together, but since I don't own a sewing machine, this is the only way I knew to do it.... all smoke and mirrors, remember?! Here are the basics of what I did.

- Blue satin fabric, measuring about 9" H x 45" W (purchased at JoAnn's for about $3)
- 10" and 12" cake rounds (Had from my Love Birds stand, but can be purchased at Michaels)
- Lace trim (to attach to bottom of skirt)
- White trim (to secure everything around the top cake round)
- Satin trim (for around the apron)
- 1" white ribbon (to cover the side/edge of the two cake rounds)
- Scrapbook paper
- three 28 oz. filled food cans
- Glue dots (regular and mini-sized)
- Hot glue gun
- Packing tape
- Double-sided tape **If you have a sewing machine–by all means–use that instead!**

1) Hem the blue satin fabric with double-sided tape. I tried using fabric bonding tape, but it just wasn't sticking, no matter how long I kept the iron on. Then, attach the lace trim to the inside bottom of the blue satin fabric, also with the double-sided tape.

2) Cover each cake round with your 1" white round ribbon

3) Use the packing tape to hold the three cans together. Then, cover the three cans with the scrapbook paper. Place the 10" cake round on top of the three cans. This will make it easier to add the satin fabric and also judge if you've made everything the right length.

3) Begin attaching the blue satin fabric to the 10" cake round. I put this image together for you to make it easier to see and understand how to make the pleats.
4) Once that's all done, cut out your apron. I just used a pencil to draw the outline on the fabric, then cut it out. Finish the apron by adding the white trim with mini glue dots. Using the regular glue dots, glue the apron to the cake stand.

5) Now you're ready to secure everything by hot-gluing the final trim around the cake round, holding everything in place.

It's been nearly a week that I put this together and it's still holding up fine! And if you missed them, here is the Mad Hatter Table Decor, Photo Props and Tea Cup Stand I made for the party as well.

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