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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's a Wrap!

I love a pretty presentation and to be honest I never mind investing a little extra to make a table look extra special. However, when it comes to gift wrapping, I'm definitely more.... practical. After all, it's all going into the garbage when the present has been unwrapped! Here are a few ideas that are inexpensive but still make up a pretty package!

You know those mesh bags that tomatoes or onion come in at your grocery store? They make a great accent to your gift wrapping! And you may not realize, they come in different colors. Plus, this is a great way to reuse items instead of throwing them away. Source here.

Kraft paper is definitely a great alternative to holiday printed paper. It provides a nice blank canvas for many possibilities–and you can use it all year. Use it plain and add a pretty branch of berries or small ornaments tied to a ribbon. Or you can decorate it with stamps as done here--kind of like creating your own wrapping paper print! Let your kids draw on it to display their talents! Source here.

Or, I love this next idea! Instead of using a gift tag, decorate the gift with the person's name. Source here.

Finally, look around the house for leftover items that you can use. Have some leftover cupcake liners? Use them to make frilly flowers to top your packages. For the tutorial, click here. Or have some leftover scrapbook paper? Use it to create this cute topper. Click here for directions.

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