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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready

Since we don't have family near us, we always enjoy having some special friends over for the holidays. This year, we're having a few friends over for brunch on Christmas Eve morning. So, I've started taking out the servingware to clean, etc. But when it comes to the decor, I've been able to set a festive room without spending any extra money! Remember the girls' Strawberry Shortcake party (here)? I'm re-using that tablecloth for the table. I made a super simple centerpiece using some random red ornaments I had. I bought snowflakes last year (foam and paper) for my windows, which didn't work, because you could barely see them from the sidewalk--so I'm using those to decorate the chandelier, and finally added some red bows I had to a branch centerpiece I brought in from another room. Done deal!

Even if you don't have these items readily on hand–ribbon, bows and simple ornaments are so inexpensive you can still buy these items for some easy and quick decorating. But first make sure to take a close look at your Christmas decorations. I'm sure you have a lot that's been collected over the years that doesn't really get used. And I bet there's a new way to use them!

Hopefully I'll be able to get a full shot of the table to share with you next week!

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