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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Test Run: Button Cookies

So, you know we're doing a Lalaloopsy themed party for my girls' birthday party this year.  Button cookies are a must for the party!  But how to make them?  I'm not the greatest baker.  I've never worked with fondant.  Plus, most fondant I've seen at parties gets peeled off and thrown out by kids.  But then I saw these on Pinterest.  Perfect! I can even do that.... I think!

Even with a bunch of 7 year olds I don't like baking/cooking something for a party without trying it out first.  Believe it or not, we had a snow day here in Colorado last week, so the day seemed like the perfect time to test out the cookies.  Luckily I had picked up Wilton's Gel Food Colors in the ideal Lalaloopsy shades:
And I always keep a packet of Betty Crocker's Sugar Cookies mix on hand for last minute playdates, so that's what I used.

Once I mixed the ingredients together, I divided the dough into 3 batches.  I mixed in 2 small drops of the food gel into each batch. (A little goes a long way with the gel food colors.) I only did orange, blue and pink.  To make the buttons, I used a mini round fondant cutter.  Because I didn't have a smaller one that was the right size to make the inside trim of the button, I used a shot glass.  (Gotta be resourceful!)  I used a straw to make the button holes. Just blow out any dough that gets stuck in the straw.
Renee helped me with a few of them.  We then experimented with making flower buttons, too.  When they came out, I fixed up the holes a bit with the straw.  Do this while the cookies are still warm.

Considering I used a store bought mix, I think they held their shape pretty well.  I'll need to find something sharper than a shot glass to make the inner circle for the actual party.  But overall, I'm pleased with the colors.  And the kids gobbled them up in no time--so they passed the most important test–the kids taste test!!

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