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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easy Christening Banner

At the end of this month, I'll have the honor of being Godmother to my newest nephew Dylan.  I'll be flying in for the occasion.  It's times like this that makes living away from family so difficult.  I wish I could help my sister get everything ready for the Christening party.  So, because I wanted to do SOMETHING... I made a banner for the party.  Something that's easy to carry in my suitcase.

All I used was:
- 8" Doilies
- Powder blue cardstock
- White ribbon
- Double-sided tape
I printed the letters onto the cardstock on my own home printer. I used the font "Adobe Caslon Pro Bold." The cross was clipart I found online.  Each circle measures 5". Cut out each circle and stick to doilies.  I hesitate to use glue on stuff like this because I'm afraid it might crinkle up.

Not too bad, right?

The banner matches the rest of the decor my sister's working on.  She's making powder blue tissue poms that look like little trees as her centerpieces.

Can't wait to see my little Godson! :)

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